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  • Vacuum Rake Drying Machine

    The vacuum rake drying machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyes, powder metallurgy and other industries powder, granular (including crystal) material drying. Particularly suitable for dry heat-sensitive materials.
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  • Cooling Drum Flaker

    Cooling Drum Flaker is the most compact and efficient method to cool an incoming molten product to a solid flaked product utilizing thin film continuous cooling via conductive heat transfer. It is applicable to the flake solid transformed from the high-temperature fluid via...
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  • Vacuum Rake Dryer

    Vacuum rake dryer is a new horizontal intermittent vacuum drying equipment. The rake dryer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, long use period, stable and reliable performance, small steam consumption, strong applicability and the like, and is...
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  • Drum Flaker Machine

    The drum flaker is a cooling crystallization process. The molten liquid in the tray is in contact with the cooled drum, and a film is formed on the surface of the drum. The heat exchange between the film and the drum wall causes the film to cool, crystallize and crystallize....
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  • Rotary Drum Flaker

    High quality condensation rotary drum flaker can make the heated fluid which is in trough to stuck on the revolving cooling roller through the rotation of the cooling roller firstly, then cut it into flakes through adjustable scraper. Thus it completes the conversion from...
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  • Drum Dryer Flaker

    Drum dryer flaker is used to dry slurry liquids into a cake by coating a liquid on a hot drum. After the cake has formed, the dried slurry can be flaked off of the drum. With pneumatic knife discharge adjustment, unit has catwalk and start/stop buttons. With top mounted...
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