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Film Evaporator

  • Centrifugal Scraper Film Evaporator

    Centrifugal scraper film evaporator is a kind of high efficient evaporation equipment utilize high speed rotary agitator make the liquid uniformly distributed as membrane when evaporation, it also process for deodorization, deaeration and heating, cooling unit operation, it...
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  • Wiped Thin Film Evaporator

    Wiped thin film evaporator is designed for evaporation of highly viscous and sticky products, which cannot be otherwise evaporated. This type of evaporators have been specially designed to provide high degree of agitation, effecting heat transfer as well as scrapping the...
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  • Wiped Film Evaporator

    The wiped film evaporator is a high-efficiency evaporation and distillation device that uses a high-speed rotation to distribute a liquid into a uniform film for evaporation or distillation. It can also perform unit operations such as deodorization, defoaming reaction,...
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  • Scraper Thin Film Evaporator

    Scraper thin film evaporator is suit for the product with high concentration ,high viscosity, heat sensitive, easy to scale. such as: honey, fructose, gravy, pigment, essence and flavor, enzymic preparation, lactic acid, organosilicon polymer, antibiotic, syrup etc.
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