Drying effect of vacuum rake dryer
Feb 07, 2019

The vacuum rake dryer has a wide range of applications and can be used to dry materials of various properties and different conditions. The material to be dried is added from the upper part of the upper part of the casing. When the material is in contact with the wall of the casing under the stirring of the rotating teeth, the surface is continuously updated, and the material to be dried is indirectly heated by steam, so that the material moisture is vaporized and gasified. The moisture can be removed by a vacuum pump.

The vacuum rake dryer has high drying efficiency, and the inside is vacuum operation. The vapor pressure on the surface of the dried material far exceeds the water vapor pressure in the evaporation space in the dryer casing, thereby facilitating the discharge of internal moisture and surface moisture of the dried material. Conducive to the movement of water molecules of the dried material to achieve the purpose of drying.

When drying with a vacuum rake dryer, the quality of the product can be effectively improved. During the drying process, the molars rotate continuously and positively, and the dried materials are evenly stirred to avoid overheating of the materials, and the moisture is easily escaping, and the shell obtains a low temperature product. Due to the fine size of the product, it can be packaged without pulverization.

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