What are the excellent performance of the cooling drum flaker?
Feb 11, 2019

The cooling drum flaker achieves continuous operation, greatly improving the efficiency of cooling and drying. The drum drum is a cooling crystallization process. The molten liquid in the tray is in contact with the cooled drum, and a film is formed on the surface of the drum. The heat exchange between the film and the drum wall causes the film to cool and crystallize. The crystallized film is scraped off by a doctor blade to form a sheet product.

In the structural design of the cooling drum flaker, the overall layout is compact, the floor space is small, and the equipment performance is excellent, and the half pipe jacket type tray is safe and reliable, and the atomization cooling is adopted, and the cooling effect is good. At the same time, the stepless speed change is realized, the rotating drum speed is adjustable, the drum has high precision, convenient to use, wide application range, simple and flexible operation.

Not only that, the cooling drum slicer has strong functionality, can be used for filming and drying, and can be used for polymer products such as polyethylene oligomers, petroleum resins and oxidized polyethylene. It can also be used for drying sulfide and vulcanization. Ordinary pulp dyes such as sodium dihydrogen carbonate, sodium phosphate, magnesium chloride and other inorganic solutions such as skim milk, milk and other food solutions.

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