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Common Problems In Heat Exchangers
Jul 31, 2018

In the production process, because of heat exchanger tube plate by water erosion, cavitation and micro-chemical medium corrosion, pipe plate weld often leakage, resulting in water and chemical materials mixed, production process temperature difficult to control, resulting in other products, seriously affecting product quality, reduce product grade.

After the weld leakage of the condenser tube sheet, the enterprise usually uses the traditional method of repairing welding. Internal stress is easily generated inside the tube plate, and difficult to eliminate, resulting in other heat exchangers leakage, enterprises through the suppression, testing equipment repair, repeated repair welding, experiments, 2~4 people need a few days to repair completed, the use of a few months after the pipe plate weld again corrosion, to the enterprise to bring human, material, financial resources of waste, Increase in production costs. Through the Fosch Blue Polymer composite corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, through the advance of the new heat exchanger protection, so that not only effective treatment of the new heat exchanger weld and sand hole problem, but also avoid the use of chemical substances corrosion heat exchanger metal surface and welding point, in the future periodic maintenance, can also apply the blue polymer composite material to protect the exposed metal, even after the use of leakage phenomenon, can also be repaired by Fosch Blue technology in time to avoid long-term surfacing repair impact of production. It is precisely because of this kind of fine management, it makes the probability of the leakage of heat exchanger greatly reduced, not only reduce the equipment procurement costs of heat exchangers, but also ensure product quality, production time, improve product competitiveness.

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